Foxy Brown, 1997


2Pac & Snoop Dogg

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Well well well

I sometimes like to believe that karma is real

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Then and now

But notice how this headline from the civil rights era is more sympathetic to the victims than most you’d see today. 

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Editorial, Metal Magazine.

• Mads Perch

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Prison Is Not Feminist: These photographs are of attendees at the exhibition of No Selves To Defend that was held on July 18, 2014 and were taken by photographer Sarah Jane Rhee. The sign was designed by Antonia Clifford.

According to @prisonculture, this is how they framed the actual exhibit:

We decided that we would anchor it with the stories of Celia (a 19th century enslaved black woman) and Marissa (a 21st century unjustly prosecuted black woman).

All of the photographs created with the sign can be seen on the Prison Is Not Feminist blog, and a few photos of the exhibit itself are on Prison Culture blog.

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